Thursday, July 28, 2011

Solids already?

I was fully prepared as a new mom for all of my best laid plans to be upended by the little one that joined our family.
I knew that everything I claimed I would do and be as a parent, would probably be constantly challenged by our daughter.
However I don't think I was quite ready for those challenges to start so early! But sure enough, the first inkling of independence is poking its head up... she already wants to eat! Since yesterday I've been feeding my four month old (and a half) applesauce, and I am already planning the next meals I will introduce to her since there is no two ways about it: she wants to eat solid food now!
My big dreams about solely breast feeding until she was at least 6 months old just went to the way side, as my daughter made it very clear that she was not waiting a moment longer to start eating. Her pulling at my hand every time I sat down to eat, in order to bring my fork or spoon to her own mouth made it very clear.
Part of the difficulty of being a "baby wearer" is that the child does have access to everything you do. However my little one was up until this week very content just looking at me eat and not getting involved. Things changed almost instantly and while I fought it at first, I quickly realized I was not going to be able to get a moment's peace unless I let her have a go at eating herself.
So yesterday was our first test and she took to it like no tomorrow. She literally was throwing herself at the spoon of food, grabbing it with both hands and trying to shove more apple sauce in her little mouth. It was extremely cute, so I couldn't really begrudge her the fact that I won't be able to say I kept her only on breast milk for 6 months. If she's ready, she's ready.
This morning, my usually cheery, smiling baby started crying after our morning nap... and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was going on until suddenly the light bulb went on and I pulled out the apple sauce. Sure enough the transformation was instantaneous and she started laughing as she ate her food. Message received little one, sorry Mommy sometimes doesn't get it right away.

Here is to a baby-led exploration of life!

And on the up-side, we have now so many new ASL words to explore, "Apple" and "More" are the new ones I introduced since yesterday and my little monkey's eyes brightened as soon as I made the sign for "Apple" today. I wonder what carrot looks like in ASL...

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