Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Still here... indeed

All my well laid plans of writing every day went to the wayside as I started this blog at a pretty inopportune moment.
I thought for sure, that while I was going to visit family in France I could keep up with my blog... after all I'd be on vacation right? What else would I have to do but create fun and witty posts to update my blog?
Well needless to say that instead of leisurely updating my blog with all the amazing stories and cool crafts that I was doing, I am spending my time eating (I'm in France after all) and catching up with my mother and grand-mother, as well as letting my daughter get acquainted with her grandma and great-grandma. Luckily we are here for quite a while and I am finally finding a bit of time here and there to craft and do silly things like write on the computer, which my daughter is finding increasingly intriguing.

These past few weeks have been just so filled with wonder and happiness. Trips back to France to see my mother have been in the past a bit bittersweet as we just never have enough time to catch up and I find myself upset that I cannot take care of her and my grandmother. The knowledge that my grandmother has alzheimer is also usually hard to deal with, but this trip has been just amazing for them.
Both my mother and grand mother are able to dote on the baby, and the joy in their eyes makes the trip very much worth it. I also know that it might be the only time that my grandmother gets to meet Victoria so this is extremely precious. And my daughter has been nothing but gracious to her "Papoune", giving her the biggest smiles she can and always laughing and talking in her sweet garble. There have been a few times where grandma asked what those baby sounds were in the next room, but mostly she's been able to remember who Victoria is, and is just happy to watch her play on the playmat that I bring next to her bed every morning.

In the midst of all that, I've been compiling recipes from the family and french magazines, to try when I get back home, and eating... a lot... my excuse is that I'm breastfeeding, but really I just miss French food so bad when I'm away and I just catch up on all the treats when I'm here. I'm gathering info on how to make certain cheese and yogurts at home and hopefully will be able to somewhat recreate my favorite treats when I get back!

I've also taken up embroidery, something that I'd never really done before. I decided upon that craft during my trip to France because it is so very portable!
So far I've done four little ditties... but am a bit weary of posting them here as I've taken art from some of my favorite artists and reproduced it in order to practice and wouldn't want to either upset any of those artists or get caught in a copyright issue. However one of those was my own creation, so here it is!

"Under the stars" If I were to do it again I would certainly use silver for the star trail, but this was made with what I had on hand.
Off I go... but I'll be back soon.

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