Sunday, October 23, 2011


My little one has been teething like crazy this week. First she slept all day long for three days, and since then she just stopped sleeping altogether and is just a cranky little monster bug. But her right bottom tooth is finally poking out.
She has been loving the feeling of it and has been shredding things with the little nub of it as often as she can. It's really quite adorable.

Today was a beautiful day and we got to eat outside with Victoria, who won the hearts of everyone around her. She devoured a good 5 slices of tomato, a few pieces of melon and I can finally see the shift towards solid foods with her.

I have been spending the whole week baking... and yet have no pictures to show you! My chocolate cake was such a beauty with a caramel almond crust, but it was devoured before I could even take a pictures.
I then moved on to some mini honey cupcakes with a honey cream cheese frosting, that were both cute and delicious... so delicious that the dogs got to them when I ran outside for 10 minutes! Once again resulting in no pictures, and some very gassy puppies!
I also made a bunch of oatmeal no bake energy bites, and cookies. Those aren't exactly picture worthy, so I'll just wait until I bake some more to share pictures with you guys.

I will leave you with Victoria's first experience with mud, she was in heaven!


  1. muddy baby feet such heaven! those dogs would be dinner in my house if they ate the cupcakes...ian would sell them! Hahaha! sounds like yumminess abounds at your house!

  2. I know! Those puppies were definitely in trouble, but it was mostly my fault for not thinking about how tempting those cupcakes were :)