Sunday, November 13, 2011


I received my package from my FRIENDS swap that I was participating, and Leonie from Kiwi at Heart truly put me to shame. Her package was so thoughtful and cute! I certainly hope she appreciates what I sent, although I do feel like handling a baby while making her things led me to put a lot less attention to packaging and presentation that she did.

Here is what I got!
The supremely adorable wrapping job... road maps!!
Baby has to learn to love hats, but with the cold coming it will happen fast! Soooo cute on her!

Crochet hats for mommy and baby, the colors are not the same as they appear in this picture though.

The sock monkey Victoria stole from me right out of the package... She loves this sock monkey so very very much.

Adorable hoop sewing kit!!!

Inches fabric and trim... I love the idea!

Our first ornament... I love it!

Owl journal and pen... I think I need to start jotting down all my ideas in here!

Tissue holder... I think this is the most adorable thing, going in the diaper bag now!

And a last shot of the sock monkey and Victoria's reaction to me asking her if I could have it. What do you think she was saying?


  1. super jealous! my friend swap items sucked! yours are so lovely! next time I think I will put in a request NOT to have Paula! :p

  2. These are great crafted items. I LOVE the owl journal!