Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I made something!!!

Things have been pretty much too busy with the move and starting work again to create much, however my little one decided otherwise.

With Halloween upon us I had found a cute little lion vest that I figured would keep her nice and warm and would allow me to get away from making the costume myself since things are so erratic at the moment.
Well I managed to keep that costume on her for a total of five minutes before she started tearing it off and screaming to high heaven about the indignity of it all.
This was what she was going to wear had she let me.
I should have known better... after all she never did let me put baby hats on her, hoods or anything of the sort.
With two days left before we had to go trick or treating with our friends, I had to think up a quick costume that would not be an annoyance for her to wear.
Luckily there have been tons of cute ideas online, mostly tutus of specific colors made to look like the Queen of hearts, a pumpkin, a ghost, a scarecrow... and many others.
I absolutely adored the little ghost one, and decided to make my own.
I finished it the morning of Halloween thanks to the help of my neighbor's girls who watched Victoria for a few minutes while I busily cut fabric and wrapped tulle around an elastic band, and here is the result... I thought it wasn't too bad for a very last minute costume and Victoria let me put it on her without any crying.

Here it is, finished not a moment too soon.... I really have to learn how to photograph!

Apparently this costume was also yummy!

I hope your Halloween was as fun as ours... hopefully this was the trigger for me to start making a lot more things.

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