Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bright Times

The holiday season has always been a favorite of mine. Christmas has always been filled with giving, kindness, joy and laughter, and I plan on creating the same environment for my daughter.
This year, being that we are ourselves dealing with hardship it is difficult to see how I can contribute to other people's Christmas. I am making most of Victoria's toys on the very very cheap and while this is perfectly fine by me, (after all those toys are more likely to become heirlooms later on), it leaves me with a slightly empty feeling.
I pass toy bins and food banks, places where I usually drop things off all throughout December and realize that I cannot contribute this year.
So, I am trying to find ways where I can contribute, by offering free childcare to friends, by recycling my daughter's too small clothes to others in need and by making double of each toy I am making Victoria so that I can gift one needy family with handmade toys. It's not exactly what I'm used to doing, but it still feels good and it allows me to concentrate again on the spirit of Christmas. Which, to me, is to give as much of yourself as you can. It shouldn't be about the price of gifts or the amount you give, but rather about what you can give to others to show that you care. In our case, this year, our time, love and best wishes.
Here is to a healthy, loving, holiday season!

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  1. I love when we have very similar topics. You are right I am in the same mindset of how much of me can I gift those around me with? In my house, luckily thanks to our parenting style, it is not about what are you getting me. The kids show great joy in whatever is gifted them and being with us is one of their favorite gifts. The gift of self is something we should all strive to give not just during the holiday but everyday beyond!