Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas cheer and things I made!

I know I have not been updating this blog nearly enough, but after Thanksgiving all my energy went to preparing for the holidays.

Between bouts of cookie baking, attending Christmas parties and being a secret Santa for our neighbor I also spent some time making my daughter's Christmas gifts. And I can finally show those to you!

I had a full shoe box for Victoria to open that were almost completely all hand made items. In it there was the jumpers I knit her, a plush deer that I made, 2 mushrooms rattles, six shooting stars bean bags, and 10 number bean bags... these were all hand made, in the box I had also put six baby silks for her. This is definitely a very Waldorf inspired play box and she is loving it. We spent a good hour last night playing on the bed with that box and she was ever delighted by it. That made a mama feel really good!

She was of course also very spoiled with all her other gifts from friends and family and is a busy bee trying to play with everything at once! I'm about to set up a toy rotation what with all the wonderful things she got this past month so that she can truly appreciate and play with each toy rather than enjoy simply the chaos of a lot of colors and shapes thrown around the room, although that is important as well.

Anyways, let me show you some of the items I made, and hopefully I can take more pictures in the days to come.

Detail of one of the mushroom rattles before completion

The mushroom rattles... originally took inspiration from someone who was making mushroom pin cushions.

The gift box! You can see the shooting stars bean bags, some of the number bean bags and glimpses of the mushrooms and overalls.


  1. lovely!!! I'm gonna make amanita stools for sitting on. the rattles are super cute!

  2. These are wonderful gifts for your daughter. Handmade toys are the best!