Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Mail?

I have been reading the blog of AmberLee who blogs about bringing joy to others through handmade gifts and sweet thoughts. Her blog is truly inspiring and makes me want to share with others this gift of giving.
Yes... in part because I want to receive fun mail and I think that being part of something like her 13 ounces or less mail swaps would be really fun, but mostly because the sentiment behind her blog is just amazing.

Giving is something that I have always loved to do... I have a tendency to go overboard actually when it comes to Christmas and Birthdays. Lately however, I've felt completely unable to partake in gift giving because of our finances. Not only that but in the past few years, ever since I started really focusing on my studies and then my family, my penpal skills just went to the way side. I used to write 2-4 page letters very easily and kept all my friends appraised of what I was doing, however these days it's a wonder if I get to my facebook messages!
The only thing I've steadily kept up with are my Christmas letter, but I feel that that is lacking in real feeling as I often make it a mass mailing.

With all this in mind, I want to set myself a new goal of giving... I want to reassess what I see as important and realize that giving 10 minutes of my time and a dollar is better than purchasing an expensive gift (although I was always good at picking gifts)...
I now want to send mail to people that I love (and strangers) that will put a smile on their faces and be happy that someone thought of them on a random day of the year.
Too often I wait for gift giving until the right "time", most often Christmas, and end up being so overwhelmed with the quantity of gifts that I want to make or give, that I just give up in the middle and end up not giving anything to anyone.
So, no more of that, instead of huge projects, small gifts that I can gift throughout the year... notes, kindnesses, etc... That is my new goal.
When I was a kid, my biggest gift was letting someone pick first out of my bag of candy... let's get back to that feeling!

With that said, feel free to send me your address if you'd like something in your mail box!

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  1. count me in on this project. I feel the same way. I would love to make something sweet or just plain funny to give to those I care about...you included! it's a beautiful and lost art this giving thing. let's take it back.