Thursday, August 11, 2011

Last days in France... A look at what we did this week.

As my vacation comes to an end I've also come to the realization that I'm truly ready to create and work as an artist for a living. I was very close to giving up before this trip because of the stress of launching myself out in territories unknown was getting the best of me. But I think I've realized how much I love creating, how much I want to spend my days with my daughter, to build a beautiful home for our family; and I know that working from home is what is going to allow me to do this. I have written myself a plan for the next few months, and as soon as I get back from France I will get to work.
With that in mind I hope that the universe will also work with me towards accomplishing these goals of mine!

My last post was about doing simple things for the people around me in order to make them happy, with that in mind I set out to post all of these today: 
I always told people I would send them postcards on my trips to France, and always lost track of time and ended up not sending anything. Not this year!

My favorite thing to do while I'm in France is going to the Farmer's Markets... Here are a few snapshots from the one in town here.

I love the wide array of berries, and the bright colors! The Fraise des Bois on the far right there are the best strawberries ever!

This little girl was transfixed by the set-up, she was working so hard not to reach and grab a handful of fruit, it was adorable!
Les Herbes de Provence, our signature spices all wrapped up in colorful bags. So cute!

I wish I could add the smell of those roasted pralines to this page.

Candy in bulk... my inner kid is yelling in glee!

Pretty pretty fruits...

And of course... good bread!

A beautifully worked door that I wish I could have back home.

And last but not least... I love my daughter's hands... They are so tiny and perfect... The chub is just too much.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer!

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