Monday, August 22, 2011

My new sundial

Well since I'm at a stand still with crafting at the moment because of moving into a new house, I thought I'd post one of the treasures I found in France. I was so excited about this little sundial that I found the very last day of my trip to France. I cannot wait to put it out and watch the hours pass as I'm sitting quietly sipping lemonade...

Who am I kidding, I'll be running trying to catch up with my daughter by the time I put it in our garden. because you see, it was too heavy for me to bring back on this trip so I've kept it at my mother's house to pick up the next time I visit! Actually... there was a lot of other things I had to leave back there, mostly books. I cannot resist books, especially books that are only one euro but that are treasures to my eyes... and there was this book sale in the village before we left... and I came back with my arms full. So now I already have half of the weight allowance in my suitcase waiting for me at my mom's for my next visit! Ah the joy of not living in your country of origin anymore.

Without further ado (and rambling), the sundial:

Isn't that little frog just lovely? It made me smile and I thought of all the fun stories Victoria could tell with it when she's old enough.
So here you are, one of the lovely things I got while in France.

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