Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oh no!

I missed wordless Friday... But I have a really good reason! I was on a train, and then a bus all day long travelling with my little one to Southern California in order for us to attend one of my best friend's wedding!
The wedding is tomorrow, and we have had a wonderful time so far reconnecting and talking flowers, shoes, and all the fun stuff that weddings entail.
After the wedding and the gift giving I will finally be able to post a bit of craft that I made for the wedding, it's a simple gift but one that I hope they will appreciate.
And until then I will leave you with the new skill that Victoria has learned, one that she is mighty excited and proud of:
Yup... nothing like a yummy toe in the morning!


  1. Please contact me at to claim your prize. I need your email no later than tomorrow. Thanks