Thursday, January 26, 2012

Going to the Conservatory

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to go to the Chicago Garfield Park Conservatory and to participate in one of their amazing programs.
We met a beautiful little Chinchilla that was amazingly well behaved and let all the little children there pet him, it was awfully cute and soft. Victoria was kept from grabbing it by the handful and softly pet him a few times. She was definitely excited to meet another kind of animal.
The little critter in question

We also played around in the children's area, and Victoria had a great time on the soft blocks. She is very much into climbing everything right now, so she was very happy to have all those obstacles to conquer.
Queen of the world!

We also had some quiet time, listening to the absolutely great volunteers give us a quick review of the plants and the Conservatory itself. Victoria would have preferred going crawling, but she put up a good effort at staying in place with the older kids.
Can we go now, Mommy?

The Conservatory is one of my favorite places to go to during the winter. The kids can let off some steam in their great child friendly room, and it is warm and green which makes for a lovely time when you are trying to escape from the snow or the rain.
With their new Wild Wednesday program, where they introduce a new animal each month, on the last Wednesday of the month we will be there even more often than usual!

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