Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New projects....

With the new year come new projects... I am reeling to start on my new line of products that got interrupted while I was making Victoria her handmade Christmas. I am finally feeling about 90% better, so tomorrow I will be hunkering down, as much as the little one allows, and starting again on them.

Then there is a cute little knitted dress that I have in my mind for Victoria that I need to start knitting and making the pattern for... As I have never ever made a pattern before this might prove interesting. But if I figure it out this one will be a pattern that I will share with you, dear readers, as this accomplishment would be something I would be very very proud of, and would want to share high and low with everyone!

And then I'm working on two huge projects for two people in my life that I absolutely adore... but they are taking a long time. The initial drawings, finding the right garments to bring them to life, all of it has taken it's time. I am now finally in the process of actually starting the crafting of them and I don't want to divulge much, but I am super excited about completing them and seeing the finished product! They will be one of a kind articles of clothing that I hope will be much loved in the future.

Last but not least I have to restore to health this lovely little wooden horse that I found at the thrift store... the thrift store! I need to stain some chipped areas, glue a piece of the back that broke and fill some other areas that have seen better days, but all in all he is so handsome I couldn't believe anyone would send this little guy to the thrift store.

Hope you are having a great time figuring out what your new year projects are!

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  1. This was a great thrift find. I'm sure your daughter will spend many hours riding this. I still have my rocking horse from when I was a child!