Monday, January 23, 2012

Snowed in... Rained out

This week-end was an interesting one, it started with being "snowed in" on Friday with a snowfall of five or six inches. Granted we could have easily gone somewhere had we really wanted to, but it was best to snuggle up on the couch with hot chocolate and wait for it to end. We were then lucky enough to spend some time outside in all that beautiful fresh snow Saturday, but yesterday we had a thunderstorm and the rain melted away pretty much all of the snow! There is a sad patch here and there on the grass along the street, but nothing the kids can enjoy and play with.

What an odd winter we've had... Up until January we had a bit of cold weather, but highs in the 50s and now, even though the temperature has finally dropped we still haven't had snow that sticks. I think it is supposed to get cold again these next few days, so we might be getting new snow soon. I actually quite like what's been happening, since the snow keeps on melting after a few days, we haven't had the dreaded "black snow" and sludge so far. Let's just hope the rest of this winter treats us as kindly as the first months have.

I wanted to share a few pictures from this week-end, next post I will share the scrumptious Viennese Milk Bread recipe I made during the week-end. It was delicious!

Nights right after a snow storm are my favorite!

These photos were taken without flash, it was bright as day around 10pm.

Our Lucy, best dog in the world, enjoying the fresh snow. 

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