Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quick and Easy Headbands!

Victoria has had a healthy head of hair ever since birth. Any other little girl would be wearing hair bows and clips since the beginning, but my little girl of course has decided that she hates absolutely anything touching her head.
Because of that I have not decorated many hair accessories, however the other day I put Victoria in an adorable little dress and decided that maybe I should try to make something for her to wear in her hair.
So I grabbed a headband I had laying around and a few buttons, sewed them up real quick and voila! I had a cute headband to go with her outfit.
Of course I was thwarted by Victoria when I tried to put it on her, so the only picture I managed to get was when she fell asleep in the car! She was wearing it around her neck though throughout the day, and it looked quite adorable as a necklace too.
Here are the pictures from it.

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