Tuesday, February 28, 2012

D Star Photography aka Victoria the Model

I had not gotten a chance to get professional pictures right after Victoria's birth, so when David from D Star Photography offered me a deal to photograph Victoria to commemorate her first birthday, I jumped on the chance.
To say that he is a good photographer who truly grasps each children's mood and expressions is just touching the tip of the iceberg.
David is a caring photographer, who wants to know all of his subjects stories, and how best to make them feel special. He loves his work so very much, it's a pleasure to see him in action. He put up with many nursing breaks while Victoria was getting comfortable with her new surroundings and with me being all over the place trying to make her laugh, encouraging me to act the fool instead of being put off by the crazy mom dances.
I hope many of you will get the chance to work with David, as he is truly a wonderful photographer!

Here are some of the photos from that session, that second one is Victoria through and through and yet I'd never been able to catch that look. Thank you David!

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