Thursday, February 16, 2012

Train Plushies!

Well here it is... the commission I was asked to make is finished. It was an interesting challenge, making something with a definite timeline with Victoria tugging at my sleeves all the time, but we did it and it went really well.
Here are the results. Two little trains, for two little boys for Valentine's day.
I will be making more now that I've drafted the pattern, I think I would like to see them made out of corduroy, and with the possibility of them becoming puppets as well. So I'll be working on those, however we will be taking our time with those ones.
Right now I'm back on track with making the gifts I had in mind before the commissions arrived in the mail.
I also have to start planning on what to make Victoria for her first birthday. I'm thinking a Waldorf inspired doll might be it. I'm still doing a bit of research.

Here are the trains, they are not as stuffed as I would have liked because they wanted them to feel more like pillows, and I took these pics right before leaving to deliver them at the last minute, so you can still see some fuzz on them that I removed after a trip to the store for a lint roller!

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