Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ticky Tacky Doll

As I was thinking about what to make for Victoria's birthday gift, I fell upon a post from Journey Into Unschooling about the book The Ticky Tacky Doll. The story itself, of a little girl who loves the doll her grandma made her from scraps and doesn't want to leave it at home when she goes to school, is extremely sweet and endearing; but I was especially loving the look and idea of the Ticky Tacky doll made out of scraps.
So I grabbed a few of Victoria's baby clothes, and decided to make a Ticky Tacky doll of our own.

Once finished sewing, I couldn't get Victoria's hands off of the doll for long enough to take a picture, which made me feel really good about my choice of handmade item for her! She absolutely adores dolls!

Here is the inspiration, I do love the patchwork on the illustration and wish I had done more of it on Victoria's doll, but I wanted to only use a few pieces of clothing from her pile since I'm planning on making her a quilt out of the rest of her baby clothes:
A quick picture of the doll, before little hands grabbed her:

Close up:

Right before she took the doll away from me :)

I love the look of this doll, from the very visible seams, to the crude embroidery and the crazy hair, it's one of my least polished creations but also one of my favorite! Her legs are not even, her arms are a bit low... and yet she is exactly how I meant her to be... an odd looking doll to bring a smile to Victoria's face when she sees her.

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  1. I just love this doll and idea! I think I will have to use it. My daughter would love it. Only, my husband is the doll maker. I am the idea maker.