Saturday, March 17, 2012

A successful Birthday Party.

What an amazing few weeks. I am sorry I was away from the computer so much. I wanted to share everything that was happening so badly, but with out of town guests, and celebrating Victoria's first birthday, I barely had time to breathe, let alone find a few moments to write on the computer.

We have finally moved into our new place. We had been "camping" more or less while renovations were under way. By camping I mean that we lived mostly out of one room with little furniture as we knew that we would be moving again really soon (up the stairs) once all the renovations were done.With everything painted and the kitchen done, we were actually able to celebrate Victoria's birthday in the new apartment! It was such a wonderful feeling to have our own space again. And Victoria is loving how big the place is for crawling and (hopefully soon) walking.

Victoria had a full week, between a personal cupcake to destroy the day of her birthday:
Her first balloons! Which she adores:

Her own personal ball pit:

Great friends to share toys with

I had one exhausted little girl by the time the week ended!

One of the highlights of the birthday party I thought, was the cake. Thank you Pinterest for inspiration! This little bunny bottom cake was taken from there, and it was a great hit. I don't have the best quality picture of it, but it was simply adorable:
I am so proud of my big girl. A year has gone by so fast and I am so blessed to have this amazing little girl in my life. Victoria has grown into a big kid all of a sudden, from a chubby cheeked little baby. Her first steps are here and running is not far to come. She loves talking and expressing herself all the time and I am so overjoyed to be her Mom and see all these wonderful things. 
Thank you for being in my life Little One!

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