Thursday, April 19, 2012

Doll Play

Victoria is a very "girly" girl. I don't like the term, but what I mean by that is that she shows interest in all of the very stereotypical girl activities. She loves shoes, and purses, as well as being fascinated by all jewelry. And while she loves balls and her dinosaurs, she goes absolutely crazy for baby dolls, and dolls in general.
This is so far removed from what I enjoyed as a child, that I am always taken by surprise when I see her play doll.
Who would have thought that a year old baby would enjoy playing doll in the first place?
A friend of ours brought her baby doll and doll stroller with her on a play date the other day, and Victoria was simply overjoyed. She took over those toys and was a bit disappointed when we had to give them back.
I guess I know what we will adding to our arsenal of toys soon. I need to get going making Waldorf type dolls!
She absolutely loved the fact that she could push the doll around in a stroller.

It required a lot of concentration!
She alternated between drinking and giving the "baby" a drink

I think she felt the doll was not doing a good job of drinking in the stroller, she pulled her out in order to get a better look at what was going on. So cute!

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