Thursday, April 12, 2012

Victoria's Mantel

Victoria's playroom has a chimney in it, that I am slowly decorating. On the mantel I've put some important pieces for us, and I thought I would share them with you.
I have to hang up the canvas. Her friends D and Z (10 and 8y/o) made it for her birthday! Sweetest gift ever.

I added her name spelled out with our "French" blocks. On top is a baby fairy that D made for her.

Our Moomin. We are not quite yet to the point of reading the books, but this is something that I will share with her, the Moomins were one of my all time favorite reads when I was a kid.

Greatest set of Russian Dolls ever. Gifted by our friend CeeCee.

Another set of Russian dolls, (the ones small enough to fit in mouth). A cute set of flash cards, and a Vintage cube puzzle that I got in France last year.

The Cube Puzzle!

The different pictures of the puzzle. I love that thing so much.
I love having a mantel, it allows for seasonal decorating for Victoria's play room, and to showcase what is important to us as a family at any moment. A few weeks ago, before this latest arrangement, I had all of Victoria's birthday cards displayed on it so we could admire them. Right now I have all of these items but I've also added the polaroids taken on Easter, and a few daffodils.
When I get bored in a few weeks I might put the toys away and bring several plants in to serve as a center piece. Or maybe we'll start growing herbs on it since it gets such great light in the morning.
The possibilities are endless and I just love that we can show a piece of who we are so easily on it.

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