Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Home Made Busy Board!

I did not get a chance to post this. But another gift that Victoria got for her birthday was a home made busy board that her Auntie Natalie made for her. I love this gift so very very much.
Not only did Natalie make it with her own hands, but it will grow with Victoria for at least the next two to three years. I had seen a home made bust board somewhere on the internet, and the idea had stuck with me ever since, so when Natalie asked me what she could give Victoria for her birthday, I tossed the idea her way... and she made it awesome!

Several friends have called it the lock picking training device, here it is:

Right now Victoria loves the knobs and door bell. She has yet to figure out any of the locks, but knowing her that will come soon. 
I love the fact that it is round too, hopefully with some imagination she will be driving a car, steering a ship, and who knows what else while she plays with it. 
We will be hanging it up in the play room soon, but for now it being on the floor has been nice too as Victoria has been using it as an obstacle course and balance board (with Mom's help of course).

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