Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun with Chalk Board Paint!

My friend and roommate Natalie, whom I've already mentioned several times in this blog, decided to paint her entire fire place with chalk board paint. It was a brilliant concept (she's brilliant!) and we have been having a blast writing stuff on the fireplace.
But even more fun for us, we were left with an abundance of chalk board paint... and so we started walking around the house trying to decide what we fun things we should alter.

Victoria, thanks to this, has new fun toys:

She had so much fun exploring writing on the different surfaces of the animals, although she spent more time hugging the lion and petting the elephant than drawing on them, of course. I'm definitely enjoying having these in the play room to introduce her the concept of art and creativity. So far she loves dots, we may have a little Seurat on our hands.

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