Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Fun!

Easter was absolutely great this year for Victoria.
We went on quite a few Easter Egg hunts and Victoria quickly understood the concept of picking up those colorful plastic eggs and putting them in her basket. She of course only got one or two eggs on each hunt except for those that had a set amount of eggs for each kid, as she doesn't quite run yet. She just moseyed on from her first egg to the next and was quite happy walking around with an egg in each hand as her prize.

However, on Saturday we went to a park hunt and Victoria picked her usual two eggs... except this time one of them was the Golden Egg! This little lady won the cutest Radio Flyer tricycle! How lucky is this kid?

The "big girls" helped her with it, but she can push herself a little bit without the pedals, and I know she's going to grow into it within a few months... it goes so fast!

Check in soon to see the Easter surprise I made her too!

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