Sunday, June 3, 2012

Catching up

I missed This Moment this week because of work and emergencies...
On Friday night I had to take Edgar, our cat, to the emergency vet... we feared a kidney failure as I realized he had ingested some daffodil plants that I am growing inside, and had not eaten for two days. He looked miserable and I was really worried about him. Turns out he is perfectly fine. The plants probably did affect his stomach for a few days, but the rest of his body fought the toxins well and he is back to being a healthy, happy cat.

This week-end has been filled with work and fun. We have been enjoying the lovely weather and getting used to a new job and the different rhythm that goes along with it. The transition is going well though and we are having a great time.

I leave you with pictures of Victoria enjoying the first mulberries of the year!

She can eat a full bowl of those in a minute flat (probably even less)! Thank goodness we have several mulberry trees around!

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