Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday-Push Toys

I love thrift stores and finding that special little treasure that did not fit into somebody's life, but is absolutely perfect for my house. I decided I wanted to share with everyone some of my wonderful thrift store finds, thus started Thrifty Tuesdays! Feel free to join in and share a link to your own find in the comments section of this post.

Ever since having Victoria I am absolutely fascinated by push toys... I think part of it stems from not having any when I was a kid. I remember having pull toys and liking those, but I only discovered those push toys when I was older... I was hooked! They are so much fun! Whenever I see one at a thrift store or a garage sale I can seldom resist bringing it home. Here is the trio that I found so far, the bicycle wire sculpture being my favorite.

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