Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sand Dough...

I don't know quite what to call it, but we made a kind of Moon Dough the other day that Victoria absolutely loved!
I grabbed one bag of flour and mixed it with one bottle of baby oil (normal size, not jumbo). I am not one for exact measurements so when I saw the items were about the same measurements as the recipe I had seen online I just poured the bag and bottle out in the bowl and started mixing. The texture was absolutely great. I loved playing with that dough almost as much as Victoria did. And as another mom pointed out it does leave your hands baby smooth when you are done playing, which is always a bonus.
I actually remember buying some moon dough for friends kids a few years back and not being nearly as excited about the texture as I was with this simple recipe. Plus, if you go to the dollar store and get your items from there you can make a huge amount of dough for next to nothing!

So remember:
-1 bag of flour
-1 bottle of baby oil
Makes for some happy kids:

Victoria had the best time flinging the dough everywhere, since it is pretty light it is very easy to throw in the air and watch fall back, which she enjoyed immensely.
Her friend who is older (5) loved the feel of it and molding it into cups, fitting the cups together, and making towers out of them. Victoria could not believe her friend was not interested in throwing it all over the place!

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