Monday, May 7, 2012

A new discovery: Bleach Dyeing

I promised a very long time ago a good friend of mine a cute dress with a print of the Elder Sign on it.
I knew that I was going to use bleach to make the print since I wanted that specific look of spreading stars that you can get with spraying bleach on black clothes.

So armed with a small bottle of a 50/50 solution of bleach and water I started spraying a cute black dress that I thought would work well for the project (this takes a lot of faith that everything will go well, believe me! I am not one to enjoy destroying anything, so not being sure that this would work was a bit scary).

I simply cut out the shapes that I wanted out of cardboard and set them on the dress, sprayed around and over them and waited for things to dry.
The Elder Sign is a bit abbreviated as I am not quite sure how to get small details in yet, usually it was a flame inside the star. I added a few tentacles to the dress as well as I liked the contrast of the black and rust color that was coming out. And then I decided to make another shirt for her. She just adopted a hedgehog... so I made a "hedgehog love" shirt for her.

The first dress was 100% cotton and took forever to dry. The bleach solution was also not working very strongly on it, so I actually added a few drops of pure bleach here and there. The shirt on the other end was a polyester mix and ended up changing colors really fast, I had to rinse it out almost immediately for fear of creating too much color change.

Here's what I came up with, I think they ended up quite nice and hope my friend will love them.

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