Thursday, May 17, 2012

Water "Bubble" Fun!

I saw a post a while ago about a mom who had made what basically amounted to a water mattress for her kids to play with outside. I cannot for the life of me remember where I saw it at this moment, but if I find the link I will post it asap. (In turn, if you know who I am talking about, please share).

We have had a heat wave here with temperatures in the 80s so I decided it would be a good time to try this out!
And so... we set out with these tools... believe me the "who are we burying in the backyard" jokes were pretty relentless.

After folding the huge plastic sheet in half, I did a fancy "double fold" and duct taped each of the sides one after the other, leaving a small opening for the water hose of course. Taping that corner was a bit more difficult, but we just added a lot more duct tape to that corner and managed to keep it from leaking.

It was a success! Victoria loves stepping on the water bubble, and playing on it. And it's lasted the past 4 days! I thought for sure it would pop within the first hour of play, but this has been out in the backyard for a while, even the dogs stepped on it, and it is still standing. 

Testing the bounce!

I was making waves by lifting a corner up and Victoria loved it

Serious business this water bubble...

Victoria signing "More", she was asking for more waves.

Happy little hands.

Can't resist those little hands and feet.

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