Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quick Embroidery

I have a few onesies for Victoria that are very plain. I enjoy embroidering things, so of course it all came together in this little blue bird that I put together during one of Victoria's naps.
I was going to have the little blue bird sing some notes, but we have been focusing on our French over here, so I decided that he was going to have to be a French blue bird saying hello.
And of course when I think French, I think elementary school cursive... It was such a part of my education while I lived in France as a little girl, and I love the look of it.

Victoria is now walking (running is more like it!) and so all the pictures I tried taking of her with the shirt were completely blurry. I finally managed to take some after she passed out on the pile of laundry to be folded! Such glamorous modeling...

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