Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday (First One!)

I am a huge fan of thrift stores and finding amazing little treasures there. It often makes me sad to think of what people are getting rid of, but I am more than happy to bring home those things that just didn't fit into someone's life but that fit perfectly in mine.
I don't go to the thrift store every week, but I go often enough that I decided I wanted to share with everyone some of my finds, and in that spirit will be having Thrifty Tuesday posts every Tuesday. Feel free to join and link if you want to share your wonderful treasures that you have found at the Thrift store! (I think yard sales would fit in this category as well!)
This week's treasure is a small one, but one that I was glad to add to Victoria's playroom as I am trying to get more of a Waldorf approach to it, and rainbows are a big part of Waldorf. It is a chunky painted wooden rainbow puzzle that looks completely handmade to me... how delightful!
So cute!

And it fits perfectly with the room.

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